The Last Mermaid

              The Last Mermaid
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The last mermaid talks to the Guardian of the waters.

The Last Mermaid

The mermaid sits lonely on a rock. She stares at the empty sea as her mind wanders.

It was quiet without her friends and family- her loved ones were nowhere to be seen.

She could even imagine what her younger brother would look like playing around the water.

She misses them all dearly.

After a few seconds of silence, the water started moving. Something arises from the sea.

It was the Guardian.

"Child." It spoke. It's voice echoes and only the mermaid could hear. "Don't do it. We need you."

She sighs. "Guardian, I am the last of my kind. It might be for the best I join them on the other side."

"There's no reason for me to continue."

"But Milady-"

"Enough of this nonsense."

"Enough of this nonsense." "It's just not worth it anymore."

"Why did the humans do this?"

"All they do is be greedy.. They try to take and claim everything they see."

"They take the life of my people and the other beautiful creatures living in the sea."

"They are cruel. They act sorry in front of you but show no empathy nor regret behind your back."

"This world..

"This world.. .. is unfair."

She closes her eyes..

She closes her eyes.. And stars started appearing.

She hears splashing of water around. The mermaid simply thought the Guardian had left.

The mermaid suddenly hear voices and splashing of something big behind her.

"Look! It's another one of them! Catch it!


End. Written and Illustrated by: lameb0ii

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