What founders can learn from Goku
What founders can learn from Goku stories
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Are you a super saiyan founder?

What founders can learn from Goku

1. Passion & conviction are very powerful forces

Often times, Goku finds himself beat. In seemingly hopeless situations, he finds a new level of determination that saves the day.

2. It's about the people you know

Goku may be strong, but he'd be dead without Picolo, Vegeta, Bulma & the crew. Your team, mentors, and network are critical.

3. Work hard. Really hard.

Goku pushes himself to the limit. He LOVES the challenge. He lives for it. That's how you should feel about your company

4. Don't give up (too easily)

Goku got kicked into the mountains? You know that if it's possible for his body to move, he'll be back up. He wins fights because he, seemingly foolishly, never gives up.

5. Play to your strengths

Goku is smart. He analyzes his opponents and figures out what he is better at. He uses whatever advantages he can get!

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