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lalalabutterfly Hopelessly lost but forever hopeful.
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restless insomnia takes darkness from thought.

Pink Lemonade:


eyes sealed shut with the hope of tomorrow

mind idles by, no intention to follow

sleep comes to all who have no one to think of

and those with some far-reaching visions of true love

you've got me up all the night through to morning

you've got my brain firing off without warning

laying beside your dark shape in my vision

feeling right by wasn't all my decision

restless insomnia takes darkness from thought

replacing the joy with my worry, hard-fought

are we really right here or is this my first trick?

how do I care if my mind may be sick?

dark fleeting clouds surround all thought and reason

taking the form of my least-favourite season

pink stains the sheets and my clothes mark the floor

I will never know 'till we're at death's dark door.

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