Don't Blink
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lalalabutterfly Hopelessly lost but forever hopeful.
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You've no more a reason to scream than the other.

Don't Blink

A blink can smooth over her hardened expression

A blink can remove you from her line of question

Don't blink now, you'll miss her blue daggers of steel

Don't blink, how she unfolds her mind while you kneel

You're paralyzed, frozen, alone on the floor

She stomps and inflates, shaking you to the core

Like wreckage will command our eyes in their terror

You can't move your eyes, she commands without error

Don't miss her smile from across the small room

Don't miss the bile that boiled in the womb

Can't blink, you don't have that small power

Won't blink with the fear you could crush a small flower

You've no more a reason to scream than the other

The only one here, no more room for your brother

Alone with her there, now the white floor is pink

A sunny bright smile, poison in your drink

Now blink.

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