Best Friend- Act 2
Best Friend- Act 2 unrequited love stories
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lalalabutterfly Hopelessly lost but forever hopeful.
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You didn't see things half as big as I did and still do.

Best Friend- Act 2

I saw you last night where you shouldn't have been

My walls and my lies are wearing kind of thin

I hate that I put up these barriers and smile

when all that I want is to hug you for a while

You still seem really happy, and your new friend was as well

I'm glad that he seems normal and without a name to sell

It may not help at all but still for you I want the best

I hope that all your friends and loves are better than the rest

I saw that you had liked the song I'd written about you

I can't say that I'm sure you don't know that it is all true

You didn't see things half as big as I did and still do

Your story isn't and won't become the same one I've been through

I don't love you anymore like I once did way back when

but I do still care enough to text you back and back again

Even when I know that letting you in could just be hurting you

I'm happy when you're here, oh what a selfish thing to do

You are and always have been one of my only true friends

I fuck it up and yet you see me through a happy lens

I drag you down and make you feel bad for what I've done

I try and make it up to you but fail at having fun

I hold so much all back because I don't want you to leave

and yet I need to go because I'm not young or naive

enough to think you care or want me in your happy, normal life

I need you to sit back and let me fight with my own knife

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