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lalalabutterfly Hopelessly lost but forever hopeful.
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nothing can matter without her small things.

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black as the accent of bags under her eyes

the streak of a bruise written high on her thighs

grey as the hairs that deny chemical colour

graphite marks easier had than a dollar

pink as the lines running backwards and front

the tongue of a kitten impressed by her stunt

violets growing despite winter’s hold

naked nail beds placed on her cheek so cold

blue as the tint to her favourite notebook

thin veins running by like a babbling brook

green flecks in her eyes dancing in thick moonlight

stained spot on her finger at about her ring height

yellow as the glint off her hair in the sun

the wispy stray tendrils escaped from her bun

orange round her wrist from a concert long gone

the tint of the sun that prods her mouth to yawn

red stains her lips at all times of the year

the bright flowing colour that manifests your fear

we all may die but the world still turns

your love may live on while her hells gate still burns

my luck soon may leave me upon her dark wings

but nothing can matter without her small things.

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