For You My Love ...
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lailalatufa13Girl, nerd, like read and write
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I give this for my boyfriend that have died. Maybe i look spent valentine alonely now.
But, i still have his love in my heart. And I am not feel i spent this valentine alonely

For You My Love ...

by lailalatufa13

You like water That i need you in my life I don't know how I can be If you far from me

You like the larva in the mountain. That will burn anything near from there Becouse... You will burn my soul. If I beside you

Now You're Gone

I lose you, I lose my heart I lose my water, and I lose your harm.... Today, I spent valentine day without you... But, I belive that you still in my heart...

My Love...

I make this for you... I wanna show to all people That love is true... That love is valuable...

Keep your love... Coz love is very valuable. Without love you are weak Coz Love there is in every heart of human ...

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lailalatufa13Girl, nerd, like read and write
3 months ago

lailalatufa13Girl, nerd, like read and write
6 months ago
Valentine choco from you

trunklefishsad gay girl.
2 months ago
i scream
is it possible to want someone to leave for good a...

tdog16Gifted Writer14 and excited!
6 months agoReply
Very true statements! I love the passion that drove beneath those words. And I REALLY love how you didn't go all cliche and do a VERY depressed person but rather an accepting recovery.