My thoughts that you can relate to.
My thoughts that you can relate to. feelings stories

laibazafar My thoughts are my words.
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a writing that is relatable!

My thoughts that you can relate to.

my thoughts that are my words, words that are related with the generations. thoughts are not just related with this youth but that of the past too.

words that are not only for putting up an issue but also explaining the solutions to them. so busy in this era that not only mostly wrong is done but what is right is also buried.

at times blessings seem they crash the party and at times party seems to be crashing the blessings.

we all want better and better, nothing but excitement and a chance to enjoy the glory of the world. we think individually for the betterment, just in our minds but not together.

world peace is at a verge of disappearing. our plans change into frustrations and our explanations turn into mere 'suspects'. creativity turns into splashes of mud.

no one wants to do nothing . "put words into actions", that is what we want and that is what the universe needs.

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