La Mujer Del Desierto By Layal J.Z
La Mujer Del Desierto 

By Layal J.Z

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my skin is a camouflage of the sand dunes

La Mujer Del Desierto By Layal J.Z

They tell me that I am Hot blooded Explosive Volatile Yet——-Sometimes - Peaceful Tranquile I AM hot blooded Don’t you see?

I am a product of Arabian soil Nurtured with African soil Showered with scorching sun And bountiful rains

My hair is dark and thick and coarse Like the night sky of the desert My eyes are dark and wide Captivating Lashes; thick- long - dark ~~~~ Intriguing Like the stories of the desert

My eyes, They tell a story A story of my ancestors A story of War Blood Pain Displacement Love Passion

My hands Are as strong as steel They endure cuts and bruises Heat Brass And glass Fashioned for the sands of the desert

My skin Is a camouflage Of the sand dunes Copper And ivory

Don’t you see? I am a product of the desert Wadi rum The Sahara And the sinnai

I don’t need much to survive But you need me to survive I don’t have much But I am much I have been romanticized Time and time again Movies were made of me Songs were sang for me

I am The product of the desert That housed Plentiful soldiers Fighting for what’s theirs Martyrs and heroes And villains

I am the product of the desert I am unpredictable Raging like the sandstorms Passionate like the scorching sun Calm like the night breeze Cold like the silent nights

I am a woman of the desert ——Origins

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