Happy birthday Haley
Happy birthday Haley birthday stories

ladybugminer Community member
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When your sisters birthday is the day after yours, it’s hard to enjoy your own.

Happy birthday Haley

I wonder if the cake for your sister has come in yet

Happy birthday Haley

Did your sisters gift come in the mail?

Happy birthday Haley. So your friends didn’t even rsvp?

Hey your sister said at least five of her friends are gonna come to her party

Happy birthday Haley

Did we all sign your sisters card? Make sure it’s ready for tomorrow

Happy birthday Haley. Fuck I forgot to sign your card, my bad.

I forgot the candles, but they should be here tomorrow for your sisters cake

Happy birthday Haley

Is your sister exited for tomorrow? I can’t wait to surprise her

Happy birthday Haley

Can today be over already? I’m excited for your sisters party tomorrow

Happy birthday Haley.

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