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lady_labyrinth Community member
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This one is inspired by a "love is" theme video in Facebook.


Love is the 5'7 guy who prompted to say "hi". It is the 8pm coffee housedates in the porch because we're testing both comfort zones'. It was the first fight that almost made you walked out the door, but the first one still that had made you knocked while the rain was pouring. Little did I know, Love was that silhoutte who happens to wear that black leather jacket.

Love compromised on my favorites. He knew that I really love those exotic streetfoods as much as he hates it, but buys it for me anyway. And I compromised too. I still let him have his 3-in-1 coffee with additional 3 tablespoons of sugar. Probably why he is the sweetest.

Love had always been consistent. And I really cannot ask for more. And yes, love have his long list of worsts... ... he shouts in the middle of a fight to prove a point. ... he is overly jealous at guys who says hello. ... he's constanlty clingy and overthinks at unreplied "I love you's"

But he is the 5'7 guy with the black leather jacket who decided to put a ring on it... and was very happy that he did.

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