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she was everything and nothing at the same time.

mother nature

by lacunosas

she was beautiful.

from the way her hair bristled when the wind blew. from the way her pink plump lips morphed to a smile every time she looked at you.

she was everything.

she was the tree you took shelter in. she was the flowers your mother grew in your backyard when you were a child.

you fell in love with her.

but you let her slip away from your grasp.

for you decided that she was a bore to you.

she became ugly.

from the way she cried rivers. from the way she whipped up winds that could wreck the land.

she was also nothing.

from the way the wind blows to nowhere and disappeared. from the way the flowers withered and become dirt and dust.

and so, you forgot about her existence. even if she was the most beautiful creature around you. even if she once mattered to you.

for she was everything and nothing at the same time.

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