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one second she remembered holding his hands, and in another second they all faded away.


by lacunosas

he was a mirage.

and she was the girl who was chasing after it.

she did everything to reach him; to touch him, to make him hers, to confirm his existence by her side.

but when she got closer--

he was gone. gone with the wind, gone as if he had never existed in the first place.

or perhaps it was her memories of him that were fading away.

she remembered. for one second, she remembered holding his hands. she remembered his warmth, his kindness, his voice, everything about him.

and in another second, they all faded away. as if they had never existed in her mind. as if she'd forgotten about him.

perhaps it would just stay like that. it'd stay the same, no matter how much time had passed,

for he was a mirage,

and she was the girl who kept chasing after an existence that had never existed in the first place.

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