M.E.N. Chapter 3 pt 2
M.E.N. Chapter 3 pt 2 love stories

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Melanie, Elizabeth and Nancy. 3 girls in college enjoying studying books and boys. Until Elizabeth dream awakens darkness now their destiny is all of a sudden opening up. In a time of meeting new people how will they know who trust

M.E.N. Chapter 3 pt 2

"Aaahhhhh" I yelled. Then Melly and Lizzy was in front of me. I felt their bravery; there was a hint of terror, but mostly courage and protectiveness.

Then there was a blinding light, and then a voice ran across my mind.

"Get out of here NOW" I swear it was Lance, but I couldn't be sure. All the emotions were weighing down on me, especially the anger.

I felt someone else come, I tried to look around and see but I saw nothing except red. I fought it with all my might, so it would not come out me.

It was taking everything I had, the longer I stayed in the alley the stronger it got. I let out a terrifying scream.

"We have to get her out here now!"

"I know but how the exit is blocked" I let out another scream, it was seeping out.

"I have a way... take my hand" It seemed as if another hour had passed by. I let out a piercing cry. I couldn't hold it in any more the anger exploded out of me

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh" I yelped. Then it was gone it was all gone.

The alley, the anger, the blinding light, and the emotion, all that was left was black and then not even that.

I smelled lavender and chamomile. I felt worry and relief. There was someone else I felt some one different, it was scared. I remember the alley, I sat straight up.

I looked around and saw Melly and Lizzy sitting on the bed opposite to the one I was currently occupied, then on my usual spot I felt the scared.

I felt so angry and confused but more angry I needed answers and I knew who would give them to me

"Who are you? Why were you in the alley? What did you do to me? ANSWER ME!!" I yelled at the girl. Melly stood between me and the girl.

"Calm down Nance. She had nothing to do with what happen in the alley.

"So, do you have that answer miss know it all?" I felt so angry. She looks taken back. I had never talked to her like that.

"No but yelling at her isn't going to help us figure it out"

"Oh no but how about yelling at you" Lizzy looked up from her computer

"How about you go outside and take breath and calm down before you get everyone all rowdy" Lizzy said calmly like she did everything.

"Well the grand bitch, Elizabeth, has spoken; all listen or beware the consequences. Maybe Elizabeth if you got your ass off your computer"

"Stop speaking to us in that tone. You're being belligerent and its not helping an already tense mood. So, like I said before go outside calm your nerves before you make me really mad"

"Liza please don't get mad at her. Whatever happen to her in that alley really messed her up" I scowled at her. She thinks her so superior because of her power.

Just because you know what's going on in my mind don't make you better. Read this girly: fuck you!! I went out the door as I said that.

I knew she heard me, but she did a good job at ignoring it. I felt so angry abnormally angry I felt possessed. I didn't know how to shake the feeling. It messed with my power.

It controlled them and anger was all that was there. I heard them whispering

"Liza you weren't in her head it is real bad. She suffered a lot. And I think there is some left-over residue from whatever that guy did" there was some shuffling around the Elizabeth spoke

"Well we need to find a way to calm her down" then there was a lot of shuffling it made me more angry that I didn't know what they were doing. I bust in the room.

They were all sitting legs crossed and eyes closed. Candles and incents lit. Their vibes were calming. Join us Melanie urged inside my head. I sat down reluctantly.

I sat and started to focus my energy, drawing from their calming tone. I sat and let all the anger released from body. I breathed in the calm and let out the anger.

Breath by breath I became my normal self again and I started to remember what really happen in the alley.

An hour later I felt 98 percent better. Not completely but a lot better I felt like my old self for the most part. I owed everyone an apology.

I started with Melanie she was the easiest I didn't have to say it out loud. "Melly I'm so sorry. I didn't mean any of that stuff I said or thought.

It felt like someone else had control over my body. However, that doesn't excuse my behavior I don't even know what to say to makes amends to for everything for how I acted" I thought

"It's alright" she said out loud mixing a thought for an actual conversation I turned to the girl saving the worst for last.

"I'm sorry" I said

"Save it I would be dead or worse if it wasn't for you" she said. I took a deep breath and turned to Elizabeth. I wasn't scared of her, but I had to admit she was intimidating.

She had to be the biggest bitch I knew. Melly chuckled at that. It was better to have her on your side.

Elizabeth feared no one she said whatever she felt whenever she felt it and with Melanie, they were a very scary force. I saw them go off on this one girl.

It was like a pride attacking an antelope. I wanted to cry for the girl. Melanie could be mean, but Elizabeth was known for her coldness and she gave a frost bite like no other.

Those two are scary together. I didn't know how to start. I was so awful to her and I really feel awful about it. I took another big breath.

Melly looked at Liza who didn't even look up from her computer. Her computer was her life now. After the Tommy thing which I recently found about has her first love before she came here.

Then the john thing last year I can see why she is not in the big mood for dating. I opened my mouth to apologize.

"It's cool. You straight" she said. That's the thing about best friends they understand, and they always forgive you. I smiled and sat back on the bed. I turned towards the girl

"So, what's your name?"


"And she teleports" Melly sat up cheerfully.

"That's cool... so what happened in the alley" everyone looked at me. I felt their pity. Jessica started the story off

"I always had this fear of I was being followed every where I went. But today it was even worse I was positive some one was following. I got so scared I couldn't teleport out of the alley.

Then you came and calmed me which was so hot by the way. Then you fell to the ground. The man started walking towards us. He was talking about two for one how he finally found me.

Then they came up." Now Melly started talking.

"Yeah you were on the ground in a lot of pain the man was doing it I didn't know how. I closed my mind from you, and I tried to get inside his.

Well let's just say I know how Liza's blocked felt. Then the man got excited like he felt me try. He told me I was weak and then there was a blinding light.

And this mysterious dude ran across our minds telling us to get out" now Lizzy

"He had a hot voice. But we couldn't see him we looked around for exits mean while you were getting worst. And then Jessica got us out of there." I sat and took it all in then.

It was ironic that I went to save Jessica and she saved me. So, things that we knew: first there was someone after us and we needed to find out who they were before they found us.

Second was we had found the girl that we had been looking for. Third I needed to work on my powers immediately. Lastly, we needed to get to Egypt. Where to start?

"Maybe you should call Lance he has been worried about you" Melly said. I thought about why he would be worried.

Did they tell him what happened "no we didn't tell him it's just you been out for two days" WTF. Two whole days why didn't they take me to the hospital? This was crazy.

I knew I smell something funny; it was me. First thing I was going to take a shower, no I was going to call Lance then take a shower.

"Hey Lance"

"Bloody hell goddess, where have you been, I be worrying"

"Yeah I didn't mean to make you worry ill be over in ten minutes. Then I hung up the phone and Lizzy spoke.

"Is now really time to go all hit-by-cupid's-arrow? Is there no priority?" She did have a point, like she did most of the time. However, that didn't make me falter; my plans were set.

"Ill only be gone an hour. 'With love you can fix anything, but love doesn't fix everything and without love you fix nothing" I said.

It was weird I had never heard that saying in my life, but it felt I said it every day of my life.

We need to express feel and right now I was feeling love, a whole heap of love, so I was going to express it in every way humanly possible.

I felt lighter as I thought of Lance and seeing his face. I missed his handsome face. He had the dark smooth skin like ebony. His eyes were deep brown he his lips were full.

I felt the love fill me up and spread through me. Then it released itself from my restraints and filled the room.

The room was filled with love I saw Melly pull out her phone to text most likely Jackson and I saw Jessica reach for her phone. But Lizzy didn't move from her computer.

Nothing worst then a lady without love I thought as I left room.

I left my room after a grand cleaning and packing for my weekend lover's retreat, I felt someone following me as I walked to the spot that I always met Lance when he came to pick me up.

This wasn't the cold feeling following me that I sometime would get. It was the feeling I would get when I was in my room like someone was there, but I was alone.

I looked around I was alone in this beautiful place. This place had a great view of the lake where the ducks swam and grass as green as envy with scarcity of flowers of all kinds and shades.

Big cherry blossom trees surrounding the gazebo, where I sat waiting for my unexpected love.

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