M.E.N. Chapter 1 pt 2
M.E.N. Chapter 1 pt 2 love stories

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Melanie, Elizabeth and Nancy. 3 girls in college enjoying studying books and boys. Until Elizabeth dream awakens darkness now their destiny is all of a sudden opening up. In a time of meeting new people how will they know who trust

M.E.N. Chapter 1 pt 2

"First who is Tommy and second why does he make you hoooot" Nancy said laughing.

Nancy ability was emotions she can tell what people are feeling and can manipulate emotions but so far all she has mastered is anger and sadness she is working on happiness.

She says the other two are depressing but they were easy to get they were what was around a lot where she was from. When we first met Nancy, she came up to us and just introduced herself.

She said she felt good vibes. Happiness was radiating off us. Nancy is also big on vibes and aura fung shui and that entire sort thing.

She just invited herself over to our rooms on the weekends and started talking about our plans. This would have been extremely weird if Melanie hadn't already seen her coming.

That's her gift she is psychic she can see the future and sometimes tell what people are thinking.

She has almost complete control of her future seeing ability and last year we found out she could read minds. She is just getting some what control of that.

Before she would be answering our thoughts, it got pretty annoying. Anyways she told me that there was an odd girl coming and she real cool and we were going to be good friends.

So, when Nancy showed up it was expected. What was odd though is that she didn't see Nancy having a gift. Her visions never had blocked anything so vital from her.

That worried her well more of me then her. She rationalizes it was there she just didn't pay attention to it because of excitement. She loves meeting new people, it's kind of her thing.

I think she is looking for somebody, but I don't know who, I don't think she knows either.

One time when she was drunk, it doesn't happen often but when it does its pretty hilarious, she said something about waiting for someone she didn't know she just had a feeling.

I didn't understand what she was talking about. She grabbed me hands and we went spinning back into a memory of one of her visions.

It's actually really cool we figured we could do in the ninth grade. She will think of a past vision and I would jump us into it.

This one was very abstract not like any of the others I visited they were as clear as watching a movie. This one looked liked that famous painting scream.

I made out three figures me and her and one I later found to be Nancy. We were in a big old room it was beautiful.

The ceiling was high it with long columns it was brown gold and purples, I had seen it before, but I couldn't bring the memory up or jump into its which kind of scared me.

Then there was this great figure with a black glow but around it. Melanie couldn't make out whether it was good or bad neither could I.

The figures had feelings you could feel like it was talking to you. They were saying this person was important and Melanie needed to find it.

When we first met Nancy, Melanie thought she could be the person, but we found out she was just one of us. Nancy was also looking for this person.

She told us one day she was at this peace rally and when she got on stage to perform this poem, which she spent like a month preparing about peace love flowers and what not,

instead she got this overwhelming feeling and said this poem. It was a story about these good versus evil and it was weird because she couldn't remember the poem after the rally.

"Tommy is a prefect guy that I met three years ago" I said with a longing sigh. Every time I thought of him, I get a little sad.

We were so good together then he just left me summer before I started college. We had so many good times together. Then I felt my sadness fading away. I looked up at Nancy.

"If he was so perfect, why does he make you sad" Nancy asked her tone more serious.

"Well, he is dead" I replied plainly

"He's not dead" Melanie exasperated "he disappeared. We don't know what happen to him and Terrence told her he his dead because he is never coming back.

She didn't believe him, but he is the only one who knows where he is, even his parents think he is dead"

"Why won't he tell you?"

"I don't know, and he blocked his memories so I couldn't see what had happened."

"You never told me that! How come you never told me that? How could he do that?" said Melanie

"I don't know it hasn't ever happened to me before. Nobody has ever blocked me. Nobody has ever known I could do that..."

"What did it feel like... you know being blocked?" asked Nancy

"It was like running very fast into a thick stone wall... I was unconscious for hours.

I was thinking if he could block me that mean he had to know about my ability and maybe there is like other people like us with abilities."

"I have been thinking that too...I been studying my vision paying very close to see if I see any people with u know abilities" said Melanie.

"But would you see them? You didn't see mine"

"Well that was because I was being careless" Melanie snapped a little insulted by Nancy assumption that she was inadequate. Melanie took great pride in being able to see what was coming.

"Speaking of you... I had that same vision the one with the huge being except it was four girls this time... you think that means it's another one of us."

"I definitely think that, and I think we need to practice our abilities because if there are more people like us, I'm sure they all can't be good"

"Wait you think we are going to have to fight people with our abilities" Nancy asked

"I think we need to know how to protect ourselves and each other. I think with practice Melanie will be able to see these people identify everyone with ability...

what if the government comes for us?"

"The government...? Honestly? Elizabeth you are being ridiculous!"

"Am I Melanie? We have the abilities and we don't know anything about where they come from where we come from, we are all adopted. That can't be a coincidence.

We don't remember anything before we were ten. That is a little old to not remember anything. I have been trying to reach in to our subconscious and find those memories, but they are blocked.

The same block like in Terrence's mind and that scares me"

"Wait the blocks are like Terrence's" asked Nancy.

"Well sort of... I didn't get knocked out by them I just couldn't get to them. They are just as strong but a different kind of power. More like a locked steel door instead of a wall.

It's just so frustrating. I have been trying to visit memories subconsciously."

"What do you mean?" asked Melanie

"Well you know how when we jump back are whole body goes, I'm trying to do it with my mind only"

"How can you do that?"

"Mediation...but I have never been able to stay the full memory and it takes a lot of concentration."

"Isn't that risky?" asked Nancy

"How do you mean?"

"Well if your mind leaves your body it's leaving your body vulnerable"

"Nancy, we don't have any enemies its not like I'm in any danger."

"Then why are we doing this? What made all of this come up?"

"All what?"

"This! Protecting ourselves, looking into the past, evil people or government after us? We have had these powers all our lives so why now?"

"Before it was just these abilities I and M had then the thing happened with tommy and Terrence then you came along and now M is having a vision about two more people.

It seems like we should know a little more instead of just accepting that this is the way we are and just living in the unknown."

"Well Elizabeth you should keep focusing more on getting into those memories then the subconscious thing, they could answer a lot of questions for us.

I am going to focus on finding out that this new girl is. Nancy you should try to find her she has got to be in Daytona. Look for loneliness and confusion." Melanie instructed

"Why that's not how I felt?" Nancy questioned

"That's how she felt in my visions" we started talking about who the girl could be and what her ability would be then we got to my favorite subject boys I happen to love them but no luck

with finding my one true love or any one who made me feel like a fraction of the way Tommy did. Tommy made me feel like I was on fire but that was a flame I would never put out.

Our relationship was full of passion every little kiss was an "I love you". His eyes told me secrets and his actions told me truths. He was the only one who knew my secret.

The first few months were the hardest when he left. I felt empty. My friendship with Terrence began to fade all the lies; they grew like weeds infected an already strained relationship.

When I lost Terrence, life was almost impossible. Most days I spent in my memories. While I was lost in my thoughts about Tommy, I felt my mind being pulled, leaving my body.

It was a nightmare while I was awake.

A man wearing brown robes ran down a tunnel; I ran to keep up. He came to a wall and pushed a rock then a door open. He walked into a small stone room poorly lit with one torch.

The room was filled with scrolls. He pulled one down from the top shelf. It was in perfect condition like he had just written it the day before. I peeked over his shoulder.

Right then I was jerked back into my spinning dark tunnel. I saw Melanie and Nancy standing in front of me looking worried. When we got to dinner, I explain what I saw.

"Well you have to go back" Melanie suggested

"How I don't even know how I got there"

"Well it has to be a memory" Nancy added

"Really because I don't remember being in Egypt and seeing that I am only 19 I am pretty sure I wasn't alive to have a memory is looked like 3000 B.C."

"How do you know that?"

"There were hieroglyphs on the wall. And I'm guessing the year."

"Well you have to try" said Melanie

"How do you expect me to do that M?"

"Mediation" she said as matter of factly.

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