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kzachar1 ooh that’s a God idea, lemme write that
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I'm kinda scared, but I have to do it.

Your Disease

I will smile in your face

A tinkle and a giggle for a brief moment

But only at a distance

Where I can stretch my arm


I don't feel your touch

I don't want your touch

I will just nod and smile, to anchor you in the hope that you clasp so tightly

Until your knuckles are turning white by helpless pressure

I slowly back away, babbling sweet nothings

And you reciprocate with a confused grin. You step closer

And I quicken my pace


From you.

Saying I have to feed my dog, I have a meeting in approximately 5 minutes, that I have a stomachache.

You open your mouth to express your condolences but I wave you away, wishing you would dissolve

And disappear

Like the dust that I find under my bed

Instead you only make me grimace and cringe and curl my toes inside themselves

And they hurt.

I finally put up my hands, say, "Stop."

"Stop?" So bewildered, you are. "Stop?"

"Stop!" I repeat, louder. I grab my things, but I would gladly leave them if you tried to touch me again.

You're never touching me again.

I leave. I don't say goodbye.

And you don't say goodbye either.

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