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Ask, how old are you?

You Are 21?

Coaches stare at me as I shake their hand

Ask, how old are you?

Relatives hug me tight, I hug them back,

Ask, how old are you?

Old friends weathered through the years

Ask, how old are you?

I smile. "I'm 21," I say.

I watch their face change, their face twists and distorts

I try not to frown as they exclaim,

"You are 21?!?"

Usually I am wearing makeup, red lips, Golden hues, dark black eyes

It sounds clownish; but I can slay my makeup girl

To make it look feminine and soft.

I think I look pretty. That it enhances my looks. I feel real fresh and good.

Until someone utters, "You are 21?!?"

They look at my youngest brother. He is grinning and big and bulging with brown muscles.

"I thought he was the oldest...I thought you were 16!"

I know these comments seem harmless, but as my parents agree and move their eyes from me fast as light and land on my other siblings, talking and bragging on them,

I feel like my light has been puffed away.

My purpose is challenged.

"See?" The devil jeers in my mind. "No one thinks you are the oldest. What is the point of you trying to look good? They'll just ignore you anyway. You look like a child.

They won't take you seriously. Why are you the oldest? Huh? Kevin ought to be the oldest. He can drive, he has his own car, he is out of his parents house,

Everything that you are not.

Your brothers will be millionaires from the NFL.

Your sister will be a millionaire, because everyone has to get their hair makeup done.

You are just a teacher. You are just a writer.

You just want to get married and have kids.

What kind of homely life is that?

No excitement, no nothing.

You deserve to not look like 21."

"SHUT UP!!!"

God has a plan for me

He loves me like crazy

There is a reason why he made me the firstborn

There's a reason why I look younger

There's a reason why I am quieter than my family

There's a reason why I have my desires and dreams.

I honestly can't tell you what God wants to do with me,

But I know it's something amazing and spellbinding,

So beautiful and overwhelming that he wants to do with me.

All of this will soon make sense.

So the next time, when a coach has the nerve to exclaim,

"You are 21?!”

I will grasp his hand and gush,

"Oh yes! God is so good to grace me with everlasting beauty and success!"

Ephesians 6:12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of the dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

So take that, Satan.

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