Why I Was Gone from Commaful
Why I Was Gone from Commaful love stories
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kzachar1 ooh that’s a God idea, lemme write that
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Disclaimer: contains deeper themes (if you can’t handle college life, this isn’t for you, heehee)
This is part 1

Why I Was Gone from Commaful

Disclaimer: Includes deeper themes(just for those snowflakes who can’t handle college life, heehee)

I was Broken.

I saw myself as alone, hopeless,


I wanted love.

So when I went back on campus,

My mind was set to Rebel.

To get back at the one who hurt me.

I watched all the steamy movie scenes I could

I would say my sounds quietly in a pillow in my dorm

I allowed my mind to be filled with all the x images

I wanted love.

A guy saw me one day

Asked for my number.

I opened my heart and gave it to him.

He said I was pretty.

He touched my hands, my waist

Moved my hair from my face

Said he liked the way the sun glowed on me.

I wanted more. I wanted love.

I threw him back in the water and went fishing for Another Guy.

I caught one, I cried and conferred to him, but I wanted more.

I reached out to my childhood lover,

The one I spent Years to break.

A SoulTie.

He said the s word, and my thoughts went Wild.

I wanted love.

We met up at the lounge

I wore a short plaid skirt.

Brown boots

A tight long sleeved shirt

Dabbed glitter on my cleavage

I looked innocent

But looks are deceiving...

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