Weird Ritual
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kzachar1 ooh that’s a God idea, lemme write that
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I wonder why I do this...

Weird Ritual

There's a tickling

Down my arms

I do this without thinking

Most of the time, when I'm in bed

I get hot, even when it's winter

So I let my arms bare and free

In the middle of me being cocooned between sleepiness and high alert, I keep stroking

My fingers against my arms

Over and over

As I watch Youtube or listen to music...

I hardly sleep in silence.

I can't do it.

There's tickling on my arms

As I rub up and down, like I'm warming myself up

From something more sinister

Like I'm comforting myself

From something that didn't even hurt me yet.

My arms are slim and they tickle

And it makes me feel better

And I fall asleep with my arms clasped to my chest

Like a wet baby about to be born.

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