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kzachar1 ooh that’s a God idea, lemme write that
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The day stretches out to me like a child is standing on tiptoe, begging for my touch

It seems longer than a day, but a week

And I feel weak

And tired, tired but I know that people are depending on me

So I lean on God depend on Him so he can use me

I hold that day like a mother does for her child, although she wants to close her eyes and escape to dream land

Shedding work from her fingertips, dripping honeylike blood on the sheets

She doesn't want to wake up to the grind

But she does

I cradle that day and bury it in my breast and I smell the sweet smell

Of hope.

Of love.

I would have to repeat doing this for the rest of the week

But once I hold that day in my arms it's all worth it.

Especially when God is splashed all over it.

I can do it. Weak, But I can get through this Week.

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