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Krystle Zachary


And observe as the world goes by

Softly ticking to succession

Or destruction

However you look at it.

Hold your watch,

Press it against your ear,

As you would a seashell, listening to the ocean.

Except this time, you are listening to Infinity

Ticktickticktick is what you hear, never tock.

That's what you hear on clocks, not watches.

I wore a watch once,

But they were never satisfied with me,

Though I tried to understand them.

Tried to understand that the world would go on ticking

Even when I fell in depression or fear or self pity

I would watch my watch, but it was never eternal,

Always temporary.

They would end up broken or lost or something like that

So I would have to rely on my phone

For the time.

My phone doesn't tick

My phone doesn't tock

It just shows the time.

You don't have to squint your eyes

To assure yourself that you saw the time right

The time was just there, in big font, on my phone

But for eternal, not so.

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