Self Love 5 and 6
Self Love 5 and 6 self love stories

kzachar1 ooh that’s a God idea, lemme write that
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Frozen 2

Self Love 5 and 6

Sorry that I couldn't write about my day yesterday.

But my brother came home

And I haven't seen him for months

And my family and I were so excited to see him

We watched Frozen 2

And I looove Elsa

And her songs were beautiful

And her hair down was beautiful

I feel like I'm Elsa

But my family doesn't believe me.

Olaf was surprisingly funny

He made a joke that made me laugh aloud, much to my embarassment

So when I got home

My head was pounding

As I said I loved the movie

My family only laughed and said the movie, that it was trash, it was terrible

I couldn't tell them how much I felt like I was Elsa, scared but curious about my purpose

They would never understand.

I went to bed with a real bad headache and nighttime medicine.

Today we talked for hours

My parents shouted

And my head started hurting again

So I went to take a nap, then made dinner, cleaned the kitchen and watched another movie

Then my siblings and I watched Gravity Falls, Cake Wars, and now I'm about to do schoolwork.

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