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What IS wrong with me?

Turn Around!

He runs over to me

His red shoelaces flapping

The ones I always tell him to tie

But he never listens,

His puffy curly hair bobs over his eyes as he runs

His flared faded jeans that my mom bought him from Goodwill

Tangles up with his small fast legs

He is saying my name, in his high pitch voice

But I am pretending not to hear

I am with my friends

We are talking

We are giggling

About life

A five year old kid has no room for our pleasures

I have already given him an icecream

Vanilla, which is dripping down his face

I can see him from the corner of my eye

But I don't turn my head.

I shift my body back to my girls,

Twirl my hair, hoping that I'm liked...

Suddenly there is a yell, a scream.

The girls gasp and point.

I finally turn around

But by the time I do

It's too late

My brother goes flying

Crashes into a wall, hard

His icecream cone spirals in the air

Lands on his head.

It looks so random to me,

And the girls are standing there,

So I open my mouth

And I laugh.

My brother looks up at me.

It's like his brown eyes are spilling over,

It was such a look that I was overwhelmed, and I turn away.

He cries, hard.

The girls glare at me. "How can you laugh at a baby like that? What is wrong with you?"

My heart drops,

What IS wrong with me?

I turn and start walking faster and faster away from the food court,

I hear my brother screaming my name.

I let the girls tend and soothe my brother,

I don't turn around.

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