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kzachar1 ooh that’s a God idea, lemme write that
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Just some thoughts about what's happening in my life...

Transport Me

Transport me

To a place where there's peace

Where I can touch the sun

Fondle it softly in my hands

I want to be grounded and bold

Even if it seems crazy to others

I want to get there.

I want to breathe from the war underwater

And see the light.

I want to roam free

A little mermaid with legs

Running hand and hand with a flower

A really beautiful one...

I wonder if it twisted and died

And I'll end up running alone,

I may cry for awhile, cry pearl-studded tears,

But eventually, my golden legs will start running again.

I wonder what would happen if I kept flying upward,

If it is simply right,

Because when I truly let go,

It is right to me...

There some kinks, but the ride is so blissful and real that if I rest

I believe it will all work out...

Years down the line I will grow up

I will thrive

I will live amazingly

My flower is in my hand

Will it die by other people?

Or will it die by my own hand??

I will let the flower live,

It's too beautiful to die.

But only if it wants to live With me.

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