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I've been doing this since forever

Too Much Stuff

When you see me, I'm always carrying stuff

Not nicely balanced, flawlessly, a spring in my step

But I be struggling!

Items slide and slip in between my fingers

Some linger on my arms

Every step is like a tightrope walker, ready to fall.

Things fall.


Plop, they drop.

I swear under my breath,

I sigh heavily,

I roll my eyes.

'I need to stop bringing so much stuff with me,' I always think,

But I always do the same thing over and over!

I usually have books,

dogeared from frequent reading,

notebooks with pages flapping out

filled with precious memories,

pens, tons of pens

for writing reminders and ideas,

a bookbag, a purse

full of makeup and other things for women

maybe a waterbottle, maybe something I just bought

my cellphone, because it can never be in my purse for long.

Too many exciting things going on.

I wonder why I bring so many things. Is it to comfort me?

So I'm not sitting limply, with nothing to finger or flip or tap

And when people ignore me I can just turn to my books

or notebook so I can write how I feel?

So I can sketch how I want things to be?

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