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Life has a way Of producing fogs

This Fog

Life has a way

Of producing fogs

You will be relaxing when that notification comes up

Your first reaction is to cry or hyperventilate, and your second reaction is to cover your eyes from the thickening fog and run away screaming.

I do fall into the trap, and yes, I breathe hard and fast. Yes, I cry.

But I am tightening my hold from doing the second reaction.

Where is my Light to see through this fog?

There He is.

Everyday I am practicing this faith thing.

Some days and some moments are harder than others.

Sometimes the fog turns to smoke that makes my eyes water and my chest heaves and stings on the inside

But I have to keep going!

Even when I mess up, I hope and pray for a miracle

Not that the fog be lifted, like a delicate veil would before you see the blushing bride,

But I pray that God will be my strength through the fog.

That He is directing me, even if the result doesn't go my way.

Even if it doesn't happen today,

God, please help me not to give up.

Commaful, if you can, please pray for me.

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