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Writing Prompt: As you keep walking deeper into the library, the books are getting...weirder. Some titles you notice include, "How to Speak Dolphin," "The Complete History of the Great Vampire War," "The Call of Cthulyou: How to Tap into your Inner Eldritch Horror for Fun and Profit." You can't find the exit. The books keep getting weirder.

The Weird Book

I finally decide to pick one of these books out. I close my eyes for no reason, and one slides in my hand. "The History of Pixie Dust."

When I open the book, dust lands all over me like a harsh powder. I sneeze promptly, I wipe my nose with my sleeve, and read the first page.

"Pixie dust derives from the remains of dandelions, at the end of winter. It crystallizes into ice, and even in the spring, it keeps its sparkling form.

In the spring, bees cling to this pixie dust with their furry legs, and the friction caused by the legs and the new warmth of the sun makes the dust springy and a little sharp to the touch.

In summer, the dust settles in the depths of sand, buries way inside. When the ocean comes by, it scoops this dust, and it mixes and froths in the salty water.

The pixie dust travels downward in the mouths of clams, who just birthed their pearls. The dust tranfuses with the pearls, therefore, the pixie dust gains some of its magic and rarity.

In the fall, the dust emerges from the ocean, after being marinated from the treasures of sea life. It mixes and mingles with the leaves, golden and ripe from the sun.

As it settles in the ground with the sun burnt leaves, the pixie dust finally receives its signature gold hue.

Pixie dust is a complex process, but it can be created in a year if it is given consistent care."

I twitch my nose. I proceed to wipe it again, but then I do a double take. Wait a minute, is this...golden?

I open the book, flip the pages. Pixie dust flies out of it, and as I sneeze and sneeze, I feel myself rising into the air. Faster and faster and higher I go.

"Wait!" I gasp as my red dress flies behind me. I blush and try to pull my dress down, but no one is looking at me. No one sees me as I fly out the open window and into the sky.

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