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Ok, here's the rule. Listen carefully.

The Rule

Krystle Zachary

“Ok, here's the rule.

You must never ever never never ever

Step across this line.

Does everyone understand?”

Carlos raises his hand. "What happens if we cross the line?"

“You don't need to know,” I snap at him. “Just know it's the rule.”

Sasha bounces from her seat. "What if you drop something across the line, something really really very very important? You still can't cross the line?"

“You answered your own question,” I say to her. “Nothing is more important than not crossing the line. That is the rule.”

Gregory chews his pencil thoughtfully. "What if someone who is really close to you is on the other side of the line? Like, someone you love, like your girlfriend or whatever."

"Eww!" expresses some of the class. I nod encouragingly at them. “Eww is right. People are not worth breaking the rule to cross the line. You will have to stay where you are.

I'm sorry, but that is the rule.”

My new student, Katie, slowly raises her hand. I point to her.

"What if..." her voice is quiet, and the class and I have to lean to hear her. "What if when you stay here, you die, but when you cross that line, you live?

Do we still not cross the line?"

The class is silent, thinking. Then they turn to me.

I crack on a smile. “Katie, that is ridiculous.

Why would we die when we stay on the other side of the line? Why would they make that rule in the first place if they knew that we could be in possible dangers?

Rules are to protect us, so if they say not to cross the line, that is for our safety. We won't thrive because of us breaking the rule.

Please Katie, don't ever ask a silly question like that again.”

Her blue eyes seem to grow bigger, but maybe I imagined it. She slowly puts her head down on her desk.

I ignore her and move to the front of the class. “Let's go over it one more time. No matter what, no matter the circumstances, you must never ever never ever never ever NEVER, cross the line.

And why?”

Everyone but Katie chants, "Because that's the rule."

“Good.” I glare at Katie, scribble on my pad. “Everyone except Katie earns a ticket to Six Flags tomorrow.

Class dismissed.”

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