The Kitty’s Cry
The Kitty’s Cry kitty stories

kzachar1 ooh that’s a God idea, lemme write that
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The Kitty’s Cry

Here kitty kitty

Don't you look so pretty

Come a little closer

You'll look stunning on this poster

Here kitty kitty

Don't worry, I don't bite

I just want to put my hand

Upward, towards your thigh

Here kitty kitty

Please don't run away

Will money and handbags

Make my baby stay?

Here kitty kitty

I got you some milk

They are made with my sweet love

And the fabrics' made of silk.

Hey kitty kitty

Come closer to my skin

I want to feel your breath

Don't worry, we won't sin--

I...step ...outside the house

After looking right and left

And I put throw a paper bag

Over my head.

I...wipe off makeup

My hair... is all aschew

It's all worth it though

Because now

I won't attract you.

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