The Dreaded Question Asked Every Thanksgiving
The Dreaded Question Asked Every Thanksgiving thanksgiving stories
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kzachar1 ooh that’s a God idea, lemme write that
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Here we go again.

The Dreaded Question Asked Every Thanksgiving

Since a tiny child, grubby from Thanksgiving food and premature Christmas anticipation, we have been asked,

"What are you thankful for?"

And, year after year, we say, "My mommy, my daddy, my sista, brotha, my friends..."

And it can be a little embarassing to admit that year after year those responses are a little automatic,

At least it is to me.

I'm wondering, past all the Christmas lights blinking, the carols bursting to be heard, the waft of smoked ham and sweet potatoes, if we truly are thankful,

If, when we get up in the morning, that we genuinely feel exhilarated to get up and start the day,

If we roll our eyes at our family and cuss out that same family that we say we are thankful for

With big, sappy grins around the expansive table.

I'm wondering if that smile wipes off quickly once our expectant audience is gone, and we resume back to Complaining,

"Clean up this mess! Stop eating all the pie! You are cheating! Give that back!"

I'm wondering if our discontentment rises up again, ready to swallow anyone in its path

When we are asked, "Why are you still single?" or, "Why are you still married? To him? To her?"

And we are about to boil when we check Instagram at the shining smiles of our ideal relationship, or non relationship.

I wonder, when we say, "I'm thankful for God,"

If we don't dare to speak up about Him for the rest of the evenning,

But just use His name in vain, as we cuss in frustration and irritation

We don't walk in the fruits of love like we claim to do in those few minutes of embracing,

"What are you thankful for?"

We are only hugging a faint illusion that sizzles away in emerging smoke,

Spouting out what sounds right to people's ears.

If I could, I would say,

"I am thankful that I have second, third, fourth chances,

I'm thankful that I have the power to choose,

I'm thankful that I have oppertunities to try again,

I'm thankful that I have people to practice loving,

Even when I don't always get it right.

And I'm even thankful that I make mistakes,

Because in those dark moments I see God's beautiful light the most,

Because, to be completely honest, if I want to be real,

Sometimes when life is going so well I tend to forget about Him.

I am working on that.

But I'm thankful that I have a chance to work on it."

But I know I can never say this because

That is not what people want to hear

They want a grand fanfare, soft tinkling piano music

Hallmark movie themed climaxes

The expressions we see on Christmas commercials,

They want that.

They would only rebuff and scoff at vulnerability,

At reality, at opinions, at a possible religion.

It would only lead to a debate or an awkward silence, muted with stares of confusion and possible dissappointment

That you don't feel like encountering.

So, here we go again.

They will ask the question, while you are laden with discontentment and irritation and other fears cradled heavily in your arms,

"What are you thankful for?"

You wipe your mouth, slap on your most childlike grin, and say to the expectant faces, "I am thankful for

my Mommy, my Daddy, my sista and brotha, my friends..."

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