The Black Child
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Hard to write, but it had to be done.

The Black Child

Okay, so as a teacher (and my desire to be a mother) this one almost made me tear up. Okay here we go.

They are in school.

That's the last place they need to be

Because all they will learn is how to be identified for just their color instead of their brain

Johnny colors on the wall. He gets a slap on the wrist, then a hug

Trevon keeps yelling at the teacher. But really, he is not yelling at the teacher,

He is displaying call and response, a practice that he was raised to do in his large family

But the teacher doesn't understand. She feels that he is disrespecting her.

So he gets detention for three days.

The teacher's eyes

Automatically dwindle on the black child

When someone says "Ooooooh..."

Or when the principal says, "Lunch money is being stolen in classrooms..."

Teachers gravitate to the black child

When everyone is running,

But they only see the black child

And they think, "Danger."

When basketball tryouts appear on the wall

Teachers call on the black child

Not considering that some of them, or all them

Would rather play, I don't know, chess?

Teachers ignore the black child

When it's time to read

And they are the first ones

To go into Special Education

If they are not reading fast enough

There are so many black children in my Sped class

That don't even have to be there...

On black history month

The black child

is continually reminded

That they were slaves

These are spoken out of white teachers' mouths,

White children's mouths

The black child

Comes up to me

She comes up to me

I tell her I will give her a doll for Christmas

This black child

This little black child

Whispers in my ear,

"Don't get me the black one."

She wants Cinderella, or Ariel, or Belle

This black child

Told me

She does not want to be black anymore

This black child

Is four years old

What are we teaching our children

What are we exposing them to

think this way

I tell this black child

this sweet black child

that you are pretty

you are smart

you are strong.

For Christmas

I gave her the black doll.

She smiled and took it.

My heart smiled.

One child down,

Millions more to go.

For more of this, watch The Doll Test Warning: This will make you CRY!

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