That’s how it went
That’s how it went calculator stories
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kzachar1 ooh that’s a God idea, lemme write that
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I can't string all these numbers together

That’s how it went

I'm groping for it

Because I can't string all these numbers together

To give you a proper sum, total, a good answer.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry that I'm not good at math.

I'm sorry that I'm dumb.

I'm sorry if I let you down.

Thank God for calculators, am I right?

Please stop staring at me, your questioning eyes is making me get the numbers mixed up...

I believe this is the answer. The answer you're looking for.

I know, I know I can't use calculators on the test

Which I believe is absolutely stupid, cuz in real life

Only nerds calculate numbers in their head

When they're out shopping or doing something math related.

Me, I just pull out my phone...

I don't have time to muse, to wonder, to be frustrated, to start over,

I only have time to type and receive.

So if you want to see a mathematician, don't talk to me.

I'm not your guy.

Yup, that's how I broke up with her...

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