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kzachar1 ooh that’s a God idea, lemme write that
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It was so beautiful.

That Song

My eyes were glowing,

I leaned forward in my seat in the dark room, my breath fast and raw,

Until my throat was dry.

My ears pricked at the melody that crooned in my heart, my heart beat steadily with the rhythm.

Goosebumps raised and danced down my arms as the crescendo rose

My hands clutched at my purse, afraid to drop it, because I didn't want to miss it

I was her. I am her. I can feel everything that she is feeling, everything that she was experiencing blew in my soul

I was surrounded by cold, mysterious cold,

Oh and a profound cold, it was weird, it was like I was warm and cold at the same time

It was beautiful. Her hair down was beautiful. Her eyes showcased my life, other's lives, her own life.

Tears poked at my eyes, my mouth was open, it refused to close. I was so awed and amazed

At Elsa's brilliant song, Show Yourself.

I will play it every day.

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