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I like men in a suit.

When he walk in the room, it's like everyone is saying, 'Hush!' and they look on

With an anticipated silence.

He walks with a different walk, each step commanding the room

To stand at attention, he is here!

That same guy I saw in street clothes yesterday

Is now a Man

Brushing the floor with his gait

His smile is whiter, wider, sweeter

The way his suit crinkles as he moves his hands

Makes me want to sidle next to him, wrap my arms around him

The way his sleeves whisper

Against my ear as he nods at me, at everybody

Makes me want to cry because I want him to ask, "Will you dance with me?"

This beautiful masculinity, the strength, the assurance of being next to one

While you feel safe and warm and pretty next to one

Is very discouraged now

They want women to wear a suit.

But to me, it's not the same.

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