Stay Awake
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kzachar1 ooh that’s a God idea, lemme write that
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True story

Stay Awake

It is a soft milky sunset night when it appeared

I was in the middle of dozing, awaking, slumbering, awaking again

When a tickle on my arm arouses me.

It's a ladybug, small and bumbling, its Minnie Mouse costume glows in the dark

I stare with round eyes, like a child who has found candy in her pocket

And I barely move as it crawls closer up my arm

And suddenly, I feel afraid.

Why do I feel afraid?

With a loud smack, my hand hits the ladybug

And I flick the remains off of me.

A horrible, thick smell hangs in the air

Reminding me of the crime of I’ve commited, of the creature that has been lost.

My peaceful night I cannot recover.

I can only remain awake, staring.

Everything has polka dots.

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