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My son. I believe you will be my firstborn.


Krystle Zachary

My son.

I believe you will be my firstborn.

You will have syrupy eyes

That are so so sweet to kiss

You will have soft curly hair

That you try to mold

To frame the way you view yourself.

You will have dark brown skin

That some will love and some will hate.

But I will always love it.

I will always love you.

To be honest, I have not thought of you much

I thought of my future husband and daughter more

And I'm sorry.

I now want to hold you close

Caress your face in my hands

Whisper Bible verses of encouragement

Push you gently towards what you are afraid of

Pull you away from things that will derail you

I want to rock you

Until your lids are heavy

And I want to soothe you

Your cries of fear and frustration and fervor

I want to see you grow

I want to smile at you

And say

My son...

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