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kzachar1 ooh that’s a God idea, lemme write that
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I am all too familiar with the lullaby


I am all too familiar with the lullaby.

My heart already knows how to pump the right blood when it hears the words

My stomach is ready to curl its toes to dread

My head has rehearsed lowering close to ground so many times

That it knows how to by heart

Sitting up straight is foreign to me,

Looking someone in the eye is a lost art that I have not mastered

Under the sheets of my childhood

I have not peeked to see confidence

I have snuck to see pain

Merge together, in a dance

That a child should not see, but of course, it is inevitable.

Speaking without wavering has evaporated into something has not even existed

My ears are attuned to shouts and dirty whispers.

In my new hiding place I now have to rewire

Substances that have soldified in the lower crevices of me

Hoping to wash away the residue

Before it eats me away, like it had years ago.

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