Self Love Day 4
Self Love Day 4 self love stories

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Today My family and I watched church online

Self Love Day 4


My family and I watched church online

I made breakfast

I was a little stressed

Because I'm trying to get used to our smaller kitchen

But the food turned out good.

We learned about not being tied down by religion

But my dad felt that he should explain it to us a little more

Because he said that we might interpret it wrong

My sister said, "since we are under grace, then I can have colored hair?" and that made Dad really mad.

My mom said that she's proud of me because I am so pliable and obedient. My dad said, "well she is working on that."

I was glad my mom thought that, but I still have to work on seeing myself as good because sometimes I think the worst of myself.

So then after church I cleaned my room and unpacked, took out things I don't want. My mom was annoyed because I wanted to sell my formal dresses.

She made me try one on and she said, "Oh you did gain weight!"

Then we watched a movie called Christmas Belles, it was funny and good and definitely a movie we can watch over and over.

Good day.

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