Self Love Day 3
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Kirk Franklin

Self Love Day 3


I was meaning to unpack and decorate my room,

but my sister made a big breakfast and I cleaned the kitchen and my dad and mom was having their debates that we were forced to sit and watched as usual but I didn't really mind. Much.

My dad was talking about Kirk Franklin, the songwriter gospel artist, and how he was being too politically correct and he was bashing pastors.

The debate was two hours long and Mom wanted us to get ready in 30 minutes to go shopping.

We went, and it was so fun, and I kept finding cute things to use to make my body glow and be healthier. I wish I had money. I ate more food than usual and I kind of regret it.

At home we watched Fault in our stars. I knew he would die because I read the book, but the scenes in the movie were so sad that my younger sister and I both crying.

Also there was a sex scene and my sister was being awkward, trying to look away, and I was laughing loud and I looked on.

It was a good day.

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