Self Love Day 2 ❤️
Self Love Day 2 ❤️ self love stories

kzachar1 ooh that’s a God idea, lemme write that
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Great day

Self Love Day 2 ❤️

Today I went to student teach

And it was the last day before break so I relaxed a bit

And became more amiable to my students

Oh how I love my students

And my cooperating teacher said she loved me.

She loved me.

She said she loved me very much, in front of the whole class.

She said this a few days ago, but the warm feeling still lasts

And it lasted even longer when she offered to pay for my lunch and

She hugged me for the first time when she left for break.

I wonder if she is my best cooperating teacher I ever had,

But then again, I say that for all my cooperating teachers.

I went home and

Was determined to work,

But I'm not giving up .

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