Self Love Day 1
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kzachar1 ooh that’s a God idea, lemme write that
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Back to 100 days self love. Can I do it???

Self Love Day 1

I'm doing this again

And this time I'm not stopping

Because I need it.

Today I woke up sore

From throwing up and crying

I took my prescribed medicine

It tasted like childhood

What Miss PiggleWiggle

Would give those troublesome kids

So I smiled...

I watched videos all day

And ate and ate and ate

Hoping I wouldn't throw it back up

I didn't.

I did some homework, but I still have lots of missing assignments that I feel guilty about.

I felt convicted to go to Bible study, so I took a long shower, lotioned, put on my makeup

And I felt nervous and I didn't know why

But when I got there, I didn't hear girl voices, but a male's voice instead,

And he was cussing, so I left quickly


That I got ready for nothing.

So I went to eat a late dinner.

I decided to eat unhealthy, so I ate a waffle drizzled with lots of syrup. My body didn't like it

And I was happy.

Now it's 2 in the morning

I'm pooped.

Good night.

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