Saxophone and Guys
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kzachar1 ooh that’s a God idea, lemme write that
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Here it goes...again...
A sequel to Bells and Guys

Saxophone and Guys

Here it goes again

After festivities, it attacks my vulnerability

I wonder, can joy be a station for demons to attack?

Liquid wonderment pours into my open, chapped lips, hoping

For something that I don't want to say aloud, in fear of rolled eyes, "Here she goes again..."

The music of passion rolls into my core

And I want to shake it off. But alas, I was from the womb of Eve,

Therefore I'm curious.

Yes, I have prayed. I have felt peace, I watched videos to satisfy the beast that's gnawing my spirit into charred bone.

But now, I feel a little anxious and a thump of sadness.

I hate this feeling, I want that sax to go away.

Please stop playing so close to my ear, you are making me sin.

I have to...focus...on my goals...I will continue to talk to my Father,

Unlike Eve, I will fix my eyes on Him before I reach out and take a bite.

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