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kzachar1 ooh that’s a God idea, lemme write that
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Oh God, be my sail

Anchor my troubling thoughts

Sustain my circling soul.

The destination is so beautiful

It's so breathtaking

But for some reason, I keep turning the boat around

Fast fast fast, I don't want to drown

I can't go forward because I don't want to drown

And die

So God, be my sail

I tend to over think and research

I keep thinking that if I keep looking back, I'll find something I need

But you keep gently turning my head


Go! You say.

Go forward! Rejoice in me. Thank me. Hide in me as you go forward,

And you will find everything you are asking for in your heart,

Confirmation on relationships, where you'll live, where you'll teach, leadership,

I'm pouring it all to you.

Make me be your sail and I will push you towards your miracles

You will not drown when I'm holding you.

So I will let you steer me

It's not always easy

But this is the season for trust.

So, I trust you.

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