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kzachar1 ooh that’s a God idea, lemme write that
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I thought I wanted to be tumbleweed...


This month

I was not rooted

I was a tumbleweed

Bouncing wherever my emotions took me

I thought

I would like being "free" better

And that the wind playing along

Would be my friend

But it became my worst enemy.

It left me ragged, disheveled, very tired.

I tried to find my worth

Through guys, and romance

But I really needed to be rooted

In the love of God

And who I am in Christ.

I needed to be steadfast

Unmoving, even when the wind came

And tried to mess me up.

At my lowest point this month I cried so hard

And I hung onto Jesus for support.

I clung to Him so tight

That I cried harder.

But then I was filled with peace.

My soul was groaning

Because it wasn't rooted.

So the next day I took some dirt

And water

And allowed God to plant me back in place.

It is so much better

Being Rooted.

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