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A children's book


By Krystle Zachary

Rocks tumble down like heavy butterflies

Down down down they fall

Where will they land?

I ask my Mommy where the rocks come from, and she only shakes her head.

Her eyes are blue and gray thunderclouds of worry, I want to tell her this, but I know that once I do,

She'll only close them. For such a long long time until I yearn for her to open them again.

I peek out the window again, to see the rocks. They roll roll roll, crumbled red dirt clings on them. They make a mess in the freshly green yard.

These rocks are ruining the mood, the yard, my Mommy.

I hate the rocks.

I hate them so much, I run outside fast fast fast

and I hear Mommy scream scream my name but I say

I got it Mommy I will stop the rocks that keep falling down down down

The rocks that make you blink blink blink tears away

Then I turn around and something sharp hits the back of my head and I tumble down down down

A heavy butterfly

I hear my Mommy's cry,

I don't see her eyes.

I don't know if she ever closed them or if they were

wide open.

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