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This morning I tied a ribbon in her hair


Krystle Zachary

This morning

I tied a ribbon in her hair

She wanted a soft yellow

It matched her autumn red dress.

I looped it and made two bunny ears

And she looked in the mirror, and smiled. Smiled up at me. Hugged me tight.

I watched it bounce as she ran to the bus stop, her Afro bobbing.

I clutched to the door frame, wondering

If the ribbon would fly away.

She finally came home

Her eyes sparkling like my apple cider

That I only choose to drink near the holidays

She chattered and spun around the kitchen

Her ribbon was nowhere to be seen.

"Where is your ribbon?" I said in a low tone.

She shrugged and continued babbling, a brook

Full of shiny, shiny blue water. It made my eyes hurt.

"Tell me where it is!" I snapped.

She finally looked at me. "A boy yanked it out of my hair. At recess."

I stared at her in horror, opened my mouth

But she started giggling. Harder and louder. She covered her mouth.

"He was cute."

I slammed down my coffee cup. I can only see the steam flying from it.

"Do you know how long it took for me to tie that in your hair?"

Her eyes were welling up. But I didn't care. "You better get it back. Tomorrow, or so help me...you understand?"

She started to whimper. I increased my tone.


"Yes," she finally whispered. She ran out of the kitchen, leaving me with the smell of coffee grounds.

The next morning, a creased, yellow ribbon was pressed in my hand. It was brown and green, stained from grass and dirt.

I opened my mouth, but she shook her head.

"I can do my own hair," was all she said, and she disappeared in the bathroom.

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