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kzachar1 ooh that’s a God idea, lemme write that
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I hear jingling.


I hear jingling.

Is it Christmas yet? No, it can't be, I have been a very naughty little girl. A hard little lump of coal

Wouldn't compensate for the moaning melodies that plague my heart.

But I listen again. I see light. Light that I was sneaking away from, in loud tippy toes, longing to go back

But my perfectionism dominated me. So now I'm slinking in submission towards the darkness.

The jingling grows louder, and I stiffen as the Light comes closer and closer until my heart can feel its warmth.

I expect a slap for some reason, so I turn my head, stifle a sob, until the jingling glitters all around me.

I open my eyes, spin around. He spilled quarters all around me, quarters and gold coins, the quarters were silver and casted a rainbow.

He told me that He loved me, He told me not to be afraid of the dark,

not to be afraid of Debt that threatened to choke me from the daunting half dollars that blocked me from grabbing Jesus' hands.

So now, slowly, I pick up the quarters that he sent clinging on the glass floor. I kiss it to my lips, make a wish, and threw it in the sparkling waters.

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