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I wish I was Elastagirl


There are many things

That demand my attention

My spirit cries for me

To fill it with godly things

My soul pulls at me

It wants sex and attention

Then there is school

I have to take 7 classes

To become closer to being a teacher

So I have to juggle them, fast, faster, fastest

But I keep dropping them

I get distracted

By my crying soul and my whining spirit

So I keep getting 'zeroes' and 'missings.'

My friends want me

They ask me to go to Bible Study, or a sleepover, or just hang out...

And I want to

But I keep declining. Or to make them happy,

I try to go, but since I don't really want to, I end up late or not showing up at all.

And they don't tell me, but I know they're pissed.

I know boys 'want' me,

They keep sliding in my dm's

And I accept, ask how old they are

One was 40(ew!)

One didn't tell me, but he wanted my number.

These idiots drank too much of my time.

I wish I had 8 arms

Or more

So I can touch and soothe all my aching needs and wants.

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