My Song
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kzachar1 ooh that’s a God idea, lemme write that
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Plans carefully laced Like a drink handled

My Song

Plans carefully laced

Like a drink handled

That flew out of your lips like a song

Expected to be followed

But someone, something

In some type of way

Decided to spike up my comfortable life

I am high. I am swirling and whirling

Questions my abilities, my vulnerabilities

Spilling out, no matter how I plaster my hands on the holes of my heart

My song stops abruptly,

I collaspe in the middle of the silence

My tears is now the interlude.

When my hangover arrives I look up

And Jesus scoops me in His arms,

I hesistate but I slowly nestle there,

Whispering in his ear to play me a different song.

He shakes my head, and before I start to pout

Melodies from my original song overflows my eyes

The beauty of the unplanned comes into view

My weaknesses, my flaws, look like a princess

A little princess that I must embrace

In order to be whole again.

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