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Inspired from a true story, my events

My Roommate

Krystle Zachary Based on personal events

It was a Thursday when I moved into Tyus Hall. It was spacious and clean and practical, just what I needed. There were four extra rooms but I wasn't too worried.

I'm indifferent to roommates; if we click, let's zoom, if we don't click, logoff. Simple. I'm not usually the initiator, so if any of them wanted to talk, they can.

I'm just not gonna be the first one to open my mouth. That's just me.

Little did I know that I was going to experience the aftermath of hard, bruised reality...

The whole day I unpacked with my girlfriends, and as we giggled and gossiped among our sparkling waters, I could hear a girl behind one of the closed doors, laughing really hard.

This door was across from mine and light was dancing underneath the cracks. I was tempted to wonder if she was laughing at us but I pushed it away.

Why would she be laughing at us? My friends and I are just having fun, being girls.

When everyone was gone and my light was off, I was lingering off to the current tide of sleep when I heard my roommate talking. I opened my eyes a little and glanced at the time.

Who was she talking to at 1 am? Maybe her boyfriend or something. I closed my eyes. I can relate; my babe and I might do that soon once he gets here from North Carolina.

I just wish she didn't talk so loud.

A few hours later I was jolted awake once more. I heard blasting music, sounded like gospel. Not that white Christian music, where they softly croon in your ear that Jesus is alive.

No, that loud, black music, where everyone is screaming and panting and whirling with the same words repeated 100 or so times, "Yes, Lord! Yes Lord! Yessss Looorrrd!"

I sat up, my back sore from the sudden movement. I could hear the girl. Singing along with them. I heard her door open, heard the shower come on. She was louder.

I was so ready to tell her off, to say, "Can you please turn it down, some people are trying to sleep," but for some reason my legs refused to move.

They seemed to be fastened in the quicksand of Denial and Fear. I finally submitted, sinking back into bed. My last thoughts was wondering why white music sounds different from black music.

On Friday I was gone from my room all day, I was busy typing papers, taking them back to their owners, chatting with old friends on campus. Babe was here and was coming to visit.

I was so psyched, and I wanted my place to look so good! So I rushed back to Tyus.

And I hear my roommate again, yapping away. She's so loud that I can hear her before I even open the door.

"Yes, I got 5 boys to talk to me today!" she chortled.

I raised an eyebrow and started decorating my room, but even when I shut my door I could still hear her.

"Oh yeah, I was sooo rebellious! I won't tell Mom, and you better not tell her." More laughter. She must be talking on the phone. I wonder if I was like this girl before I met my boo.

Hopefully not.

When he finally got here, that roommate girl was quiet. "Hey," I said. He and I kissed. Still silence. Why do I have this eerie feeling that my roommate is watching us, listening to us?

"You okay?" his voice tingled my ear. I held him close. "No. Want to watch a movie?"

30 minutes into the movie I heard the door bang open, and the girl was singing some Disney song. I finally relaxed against Bae's shoulder.

I must be crazy, thinking that she was hearing us the whole time. She just went out.

On Monday I heard her crying.

It was in big gulps, like how someone is when they're choking. I tried to plug in the new headphones I bought over the weekend, but nope, still heard her.

I wondered if I should help, but nah. That's awkward. She never came to me, so why should I come to her? It's been a week, and we haven't talked to one another. My chance of trying to talk to her has expired. I only give people one week. Everyone knows that.

At night, around 9 ish, I heard moaning. I was wondering if she was hurt, and I was silently chastising myself for not helping her earlier. But then I heard her bed squeaking, and my face flamed red. I slammed down my laptop and went out.

I was gone for a long time. When I finally came home, videos were blaring from her computer. "How to maintain purity as a single Christian girl."


I heard her praying. She wasn't praying loud. But I think, this time, I chose to hear her. It was around 1 in the morning. I had school in a few hours. But I still peeled to listen.

"God, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Please help me. I feel so weak right now I really want someone Lord please help me."

Silence. I turn over in my bed, wondering if that girl needed more friends. Friends to tell her she doesn't need a darn guy to make her happy. I would tell her, but she would think I'm a hyprocrite, with my bf and all.

The next day I did not hear her as I got ready for school. *** I couldn't focus in school; I kept typing the same sentences over and over. I kept typing the same sentences over and over. I kept ty

I raced to my dorm for no particular reason at all. Silence. I should be relieved, but instead I feel real real heavy, as if my bookbag was still strapped to my back. I slowly kneeled by my bed.

I prayed.

I think. I haven't talked to God for years. What do you expect, an eloquent prayer?

I just said, "Hey."

At 1 in the morning, I was dreaming about sunbathing and my boyfriend scooped me up and I screamed and dumped crabs on his head and

I heard Disney music.

I opened my eyes. My roommate was singing so loud, I bet everyone in the whole building could hear her. She was singing "A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes."

I'm not an Initiator. I give people a week to talk to me and then I'm done. I don't talk to God either. But when I heard that girl, I found myself smiling in the dark.

"A dreeeaaam, is a wiiiiish, your heart maaaakes, whennn you're sound asleeeeeeeeep..."

Dear Loud Loud roommate, Can you please turn your music down? It drives me crazy. But if you need the loudness to get through life, that's ok, I guess. I'll just try to sleep through it. Anyway, if you want to join my bf and I Friday at a party you can. Since you're so loud, you'll blend right in. You have a week to answer this letter.

Your roommate, Alyssa (ps is your name Krystle, like the crystal they put in meth? That's cool, not that you drink, since you're Christian and all. Ok, I'll stop writing now.)

So the twist is that I'm the roommate! The protagonist is how I assume my real life roommate, and how she perceives me. I do sing Disney songs and gospel in the mornings.

Yeah I'm a bad roommate.

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